Surrounded by nature

Animal shelter Mendian Esnatu, it is based in a place where animals live in semi-freedom, peace and harmony.

Located in a small town of Navarre, named Arrarats, in the municipality of Basaburua Mayor. It is surrounded by nature, green areas full of native oaks, beeches and chestnut trees.

“It is really beautiful to watch the donkey Euria play with Shima the sheep. The cat Oto play with Soli the hen, and the dog Yogui play with donkey Hugo.”

The Family

We are Patxi and Yolanda and we are blessed, with two wonderful children named Izan and Enai.

In 2018, we started an adventure. We decied to turn our lives around. We dedicated ourselves to the shelter of animals that have been victims of mistreatment, suffering and exploitation.

Our project was born from the love and connection we feel towards animals and nature.

Out objective

Ensure animals a safe and protected home for life. Where they can live with dignity and love, free from any form of abuse or exploitation.

Seeing animals happy and calm is our source of joy. Our souls are full of joy when we see peace and tranquility in their eyes.

Join the cause!
With your contribution we will get there!