Now days, we have 58 rescued animals.
Our mission is to offer them a safe place where they can live in peace.

They need your help and collaboration.

The first animal

was Hugo, a lovely donkey.

Each new member of the family is received with
ove and dedication, and becomes part of our lives.

They are taken care of and their needs met.

The same story

The donkey Amy, arrieved at the shelter in a devastating shape of health, victim of animal exploitation. For fifteen years, Amy was separated from her babies, year after year, as her babies were used to do business. Many of them were destinated to go to the slaughterhouse, if they were not sold in time.

Two years before Amy arrieved. We were able to rescue one of her babies, Yuna, nine months old, saving her within days of going to the slaughterhouse. After two years apart, they met again never to be separated again.

Amy came to the shelter pregnant and with a six-month-old baby. We still remember the day we went to rescue her. It broke our hearts to see how other donkeys, were left behind, in that place. We wish we could have rescued all, unfortunately that was not possible.

Despite this, I felt how other donkeys looked at us and thanked us for giving a new chance to Amy, her baby Lucia and the future baby.

After such a tought life, today they all live here in family, free from exploitation and suffering.