The animals

Now days, we have 58 rescued animals at Hogar Animal Mendian Esnatu.

Horses and mares (5)

Spirit, India, Alma, Ada y Waira.

Ponies (3)

Lucky, Yuko y Munay.

Donkeys (5)

Euria, Amy, Lucía, Hugo y Yuna.

Sheep (3)

Andy, Lanita y Shima.

Dogs (5)

Biurri, Argi, Yogui, Luna y Sally.

Cats (6)

Mishi, Oto, Aria, Eimy, Iris y Elur.

Hens and rooster (9)

Dora, Reni, Mía, Fala, Soli,
Lasi, Simi, Lina y el gallo Kiko.

Little pigs (3)

Greta, Coral y Wendy.

Goats (19)

Samy, Pipo, Izar, Sua, Nero, Lisy, Kumba, Simba, Txiki, Rocky, Kala, Nube, Diana, Mendi, Umy, Akira, Adir, Inti y Enya.

About the rescues


Some of the horses and donkeys that are part of Hogar Animal have been rescued a few days before being sacrificed. While others have been freed from animal abuse.

Little pigs

These little pigs have been rescued from the “human whim”. They are farm animals, and that is where they belong. Here they live in semi-free and all their needs are covered.


Our most faithful friends are often not treated as such. Some of them have been rescued, victims of animal abuse. Others have come to our family after being abandoned and some due to other unfortunate circumstances.


Our most affectionate and daring friends have been freed from human consumption and animal abuse. Many of them were destined to die. Now days, they all live here together, happy and in herd…


Our hairiest companions have been victims of human whim and animal exploitation, here they live happily with their goat friends.


Some of our chickens have been rescued with up to five years of life, since they are “no longer useful”. When they get older and no longer lay eggs, they are usually sacrificed or abandoned. Here, we give them a dignified life, respecting them until they die of old age. They are authentic and very sociable.


Our feline inhabitants have been rescued from the streets and abandonment. At Hogar Animal, they enjoy freedom and a family that loves them. They are very affectionate and adorable.